28 Oct 2012

Statement by Ireland Against Fluoridation

Statement by Ireland Against Fluoridation on Irish Constitutional Referendum on 10th Nov 2012 to 'protect' children. Best interests of 240,000 children denied by cynical Irish state. Dublin, October 26th 2012 Since 2001 when the Irish government retracted warnings to parents not to make up infant formula with fluoridated tap water because of the fluoride overdosing risks to babies, the state has put some 240,000 bottle-fed babies in Ireland (5% of the population) at totally unnecessary risk. “The supreme irony is that 50 years ago parents were deemed incapable of protecting their children’s teeth so the state imposed national tap water fluoridation. Today fluoride overdosing is such that every third child here has mottled teeth but the state cynically conceals the medical facts from parents simply to protect state policy” said Robert Pocock, campaigner for IrelandAgainstFluoridation. Of the 400,000 babies born to parents living in fluoridated areas of Ireland since 2001, some 240,000 will have been mainly or exclusively bottle-fed. Yet the warning to parents not to use tap water for baby bottles was withdrawn in October 2001 by the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI) in a most irresponsible manner. The FSAI’s scientific committee changed its advice after improper intervention by the Irish fluoridation lobby. The explanation by the FSAI’s Dr Wayne Anderson was singled out for criticism by the Oireachtas Joint Health Committee in 2006 (1) who described this process mess as irregular and unsatisfactory. The committee’s final report in 2007 questioning the safety of fluoridation was blocked by Fianna Fail and PD members purely to protect policy. Said Pocock “If ever there was a case for rejecting any more state intervention claiming to protect children this is it. The best interests and welfare of at least a quarter of a million children have not been protected by the state but water fluoridation and its career promoters have. Health ministers Martin, Harney and Reilly are all equally culpable” Meanwhile the 2002 North South Survey (2) confirmed the fluoridation risks by revealing that fluorosis (tooth mottling) in the fluoridated Republic had increased alarmingly since 1984 to now affect every third 15 yr old. The then health minister Martin did what Irish health ministers do – he buried the evidence, this time in the whitewash report of the Fluoridation Forum. Contrast this typical Irish cover-up with the Swiss city of Basel which, within a few years of the similar evidence emerging – unacceptably large increase in mottled teeth in Swiss children -- ended fluoridation in April 2003 after 42 years. International advice against exposing vulnerable bottle-fed babies to fluoridated water continues to mount and in May 2011 the EU Scientific Committee on Health and Environmental Risks warned that babies fed formula with the Irish tap water fluoride concentration ‘ingest one hundred and thirty seven times more fluoride than if solely breast-fed’ (3). Yet still our over-wrought health minister Dr Reilly exposes our children to medicinally unlicensed industrial fluoride products despite evidence linking them to neurological damage on children’s IQ, as demonstrated by recent Harvard research(4). “If fluoridation by the Irish state is a guide, the best interests of children were not paramount. Therefore in the referendum on 10th November 2012 voters should not trust the Irish state with any more power over their children’s welfare” added Pocock. ENDS (Info 086 811 3071) (1) www.fluoridereport.com page 5 Conclusion 10 & 11. (2) http://www.dohc.ie/publications/oral_health.html page 61 (3) http://ec.europa.eu/health/scientific_committees/environmental_risks/docs/scher_o_139.pdf page 28 (4) http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/07/24/idUS127920+24-Jul-2012+PRN20120724

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