5 Oct 2012

Daily Echo Letter

Adding fluoride is folly IN response to the letter from Carol Scarborough "Poisoning the public?" (September 24), I am extremely bewildered by the weakness of our Government to allow the Strategic Health Authority (SHA) to contaminate our drinking water. The very fact that this Professor Newton apparently has refused to sign a written guarantee that this measure will not have an adverse health effect, rejecting it even as "inappropriate", giving in addition no valid reason, is proof enough of the folly of this situation. Cannot this Government once and for all show its strength in permitting the citizens of this region to continue having their well-deserved clean drinking water, the envy of many countries of the world? Is the SHA (how dare it associate itself with 'strategic health'?) going to be given such freedoms to poison our water? Can it not finally understand that we the citizens (whose rights should be respected) do NOT want this fluoride in our water? Does it not understand democratic procedure? Then maybe this noble Government of ours should give it proper instruction. Not long ago our Government invaded Iraq and now it cannot stop the SHA from ruining and endangering our perfectly good drinking water. This debate has certainly gone on long enough and any intelligent being should be able to comprehend that the SHA's contribution to endangering our health is simply not desired. ALBERT RASMUSSEN, Totton.


Anonymous said...

I would suggest that the SHA are not the ones really responsible but are simply the face used. This is clearly Government led which is why they would never stand up to the SHA

Bill said...

If you want to see the video of the SHA when they voted for fluoridation go to http://hafvideos.blogspot.co.uk/

They voted unanimously even the chairman said if he had to vote he too would have voted for it.
They ignored all contrary evidence that was presented as well as the strong public vote against