4 Apr 2012

USA - These things have ruined our endocrine health

April 3, 2012
These things have ruined our endocrine health Cumberland Times-News The Cumberland Times-News Tue Apr 03, 2012, 08:36 PM EDT
2012 — It has been known since 1945 in Europe that sugar was the main culprit in weight gain.
It is interesting how the sugar and dental lobbies during this time period got together to promote their so called silver bullet for tooth decay called water fluoridation.
Sixty years later their promotion efforts on this so called preventive health program has in effect ruined the endocrine health of millions of Americans.
In the February, 2012 Blaylock Wellness Report, Dr. Russell Blaylock had a great review on “The Secret Science of Losing Fat.”
He spells out clearly, how the mainstream thoughts of too many calories and too little exercise rarely succeed in shedding unwanted fat or solving this health disaster.
He goes into detail about how sugar and additives such as fluoride and glutamate contribute to our obesity epidemic.
Blaylock states, “I am convinced that fluoridated water and the use of fluoride tablets for small children has led to the epidemic of hypothyroidism or thyroid deficiency, in the United States. When the thyroid is underactive, our cholesterol levels spike, and we become obese.”
Water fluoridation has be a complete failure, because it does not reduce tooth decay, but instead it harms the endocrine health for humans and animals alike. Fluoride is a well known protoplasmic poison that inhibits all types of enzymes and hydrogen bonds. These enzymes are the basic building blocks of life.
Back in 20006, I saw a presentation by Kathleen Thiessen, PhD., called fluoride effects on the endocrine system. Her findings as a member of the NRC’s review of fluoride was quite eye opening.
Part of her discussion focused on fluorides effects on the thyroid coupled with an interference with glucose metabolism.
Some studies report increased blood glucose, decreased insulin, impaired glucose tolerance.
One study (Trivedi et al. 1993) showed impaired glucose tolerance in 40 percemt of young adults with endemic fluorosis. Fasting serum glucose concentrations related to serum fluoride concentrations. Impaired glucose tolerance reversed after six months with reduced fluoride intake.
From this information, I felt that there could be a strong association between obesity related endocrine disorders and the consumption of additives to our diets like fluoride, MSG and aspartame.
Last fall Ronald Fetsko, PhD. PAC., did a presentation in Frostburg on a weight loss program called HCG. This weight loss program helps the patient take back control of their declining endocrine health, even if they have developed type II diabetes, impaired thyroid function, and high blood pressure.
His practice is a testament that the secret to optimal health lies in a better understanding of how nutrition and food additives are affecting your endocrine system.
The future of preventive health care is truly a better focus on improving endocrine health and discarding outdated practices that do more harm than good.
Bernard W. Miltenberger

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