25 Apr 2012

Project aims to curb tooth decay among NI children

Project aims to curb tooth decay among NI children
A major research project is under way in Northern Ireland to try to curb the problem of dental decay among young children.
About 1,200 children aged between two and four have been randomly selected to take part in the trial.

It comes after research indicates NI has the worst teeth in the UK.
The study is investigating the prevention of tooth decay over four years and is said to be the first of its kind in western Europe.
Health Minister Edwin Poots will be marking the completion of the first stage of the project on Wednesday.
Michael Donaldson, head of dental studies at the health board, said dental decay in Northern Ireland was quite a problem, particularly among young children.
"This project is really trying to prevent disease among young children," he said.
"What we are really doing is painting a little, thick varnish on teeth which contains fluoride and that will hopefully prevent dental decay developing.
"If it does develop, it can help reverse it."
He said bad dental health among children was a combination of poor diet and lack of teeth brushing.
"We don't want to blame parents, we want to support them. This is why this trial, which is really another form of support of parents, is so important."

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