13 Apr 2012

Echo letter

Tamworth's got it worse
THE Southampton councillor who was "shocked at the fluoride battle" should come to Tamworth.
He would be truly shocked. We have had fluoride forced on our unwitting and unwilling, population for 25 years. For the last nine years I fought to get our council to scrutinise this issue. It took a 1,000-strong residents' petition to finally force debate.
Unlike Southampton's councillors, Tamworth's somehow think it perfectly
OK to discuss and take decisions in secret, excluding even other councillors.
And they stubbornly refused to see or hear any information other than the ludicrously tiny amount they allowed themselves to see. Tamworth's great and good finally came to their decision - to keep fluoride in our water.
I'm so jealous Southampton and Hampshire have such quality politicians who actually listen to their people.
Tamworth, Staffs.

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Cllr Chris Cooke said...

Nice of the Echo to print this. Pity they missed off the last line which went, "What on earth is wrong with Tamworth's politicians? Is it something in our water?" :-)