19 Mar 2012

USA - New Hampshire House Passes Infant Warning Bill

New Hampshire House Passes Infant Warning Bill
03/19/2012 03:23:00 admin
Dear Readers,
We have exciting news! This week the largest state legislature in the U.S. passed a bill mandating infant fluoride warnings on all water bills in fluoridated communities.
On Thursday, March 15th, the New Hampshire House of Representatives voted 253-23 in favor of HB-1416 following a 13-2 recommendation from the House Resources, Recreation, and Development committee. While there was a lot of opposition to the bill in committee, there was no debate on the House floor because of the insurmountable 13-2 committee...

Shouldn't they do the same in the West Midlands or better still stop putting the fluorosilicic acid in the water.

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