31 Mar 2012

Campaigners lose water flouride battle despite a 'poison petition'

Campaigners lose water flouride battle despite a 'poison petition'
Friday, March 30, 2012
THE fluoridation of water in Tamworth has been approved by council chiefs despite a 1,000-name petition objecting against the "on-going poisoning" of the town's water supply.
Members of the full council this week unanimously voted to support the fluoridation of water, given the advantages to dental health.

The council was forced into reviewing the process and to examine the safety of fluoride during a special inquiry day.
A report said: "The inquiry day on February 20 provided a balanced and transparent opportunity for the arguments and evidence for and against water fluoridation in Tamworth to be discussed."
Views against fluoride included:
fluoride is a poison;
there is no known safe lower limit;
more research is needed on the effects of fluoride in different parts of the body;
there is no epidemic of bad teeth;
if fluoride is a medicine, we have the right to refuse being given it.
And the views for fluoridation included:
evidence indicates that fluoride reduces tooth decay;
there is no evidence of an 'epidemic' of fluorosis as a result of water fluoridation;
public health statistics show a number of benefits attributed to water fluoridation in Tamworth;
dental health in Tamworth is better than in other parts of the country.
Independent councillor Chris Cooke, who has campaigned against the issue, said: "This scrutiny has been an insult to the intelligence of Tamworth people.

"I feel it has been more of an attempt to hide the truth, than to investigate it.
"I am happy we have achieved what we set out to do. We have helped many more Tamworth people now to learn about this forced medication."
Cllr Ken Gant, chairman of the community and wellbeing scrutiny committee, said: "The committee was of the opinion that the matter of fluoridation should be scrutinised as thoroughly as was possible considering the time and resources available to us.
"I would like to thank all those who have helped us to form our recommendations.
"Thanks must also go to Cllr Chris Cooke who brought about, through his diligent efforts, this inquiry day, the first of its kind at Tamworth Borough Council."

by CllrChris
Friday, March 30 2012, 10:18PM
.“I'm grateful for "FluorideFree" Florida's comment. It shows that there is strong opposition around the world to fluoride (Hexafluorosalicic Acid in this country) in the water. 98% of Europe won't have it. Many countries have banned it completely. Switzerland banned it after trying it out in their capital and noting a marked increase in health problems amongst their people. But politicians and governments in these "fluoridated" areas try desperately to smear this widespread opposition as "just a few hotheads". In Southampton recently those "hotheads" were well in the majority of the residents, over 70% in a referendum despite a huge amount of official propaganda about how "safe and effective" it was. Incredibly Government and the authorities are riding roughshod over Southampton people's views. This fluoride rabbit hole goes down deep and back 65 years. People really should do their own research on this on the internet (before governments try to ban that too "for your own good" of course!).

But putting aside the fluoride issue itself. It was the way this Tamworth Scrutiny operated that I found so deeply disturbing. The Scrutiny had clearly made up their minds beforehand (reference the Scrutiny Chairman's letter to the Herald 7/7/11). They ran away from the information. They banned me or any Tamworth resident from speaking - a clear contravention of Tamworth's Constitution. They put up a couple of paid pro-fluoride government "experts". They specifically excluded references to many thousands of reports, reviews and studies from all over the world. They met in secret sessions - again apparently in contravention of Tamworth's own rules. They just looked at what they wanted to look at (ie - local dentist says "it's great for teeth") and that's it! They made life as awkward as possible for the Tamworth petitioners. The crass ignorance of the Chairman was laid bare for all to see. At the Full Council last week he embarrassingly demonstrated that he didn't even know the name of the fluoride chemical used. He seemed surprised that he was expected know! The most basic fact in the whole scrutiny! Words fail me!

I have seen a great deal in Tamworth politics over the years but I have never seen anything so bad as this!”

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