11 Mar 2012

Tamworth - Water fight not going away

Water fight not going away .Friday, March 09, 2012 Tamworth Herald
I WAS one of a dozen or more concerned local residents at Tamworth council's Fluoridation Scrutiny (February 20).
No decision was made at this meeting, but judging by past comments of councillors it would have been difficult to imagine a more likely stacked deck.

One fact new to me was that the industrial waste chemical, hexofluorosalicic acid, is put into our water at a rate of 5.36 parts per million in order to make up the one part per million fluoride.
We can only guess what those other 4.36 parts per million of whatever are doing to us.
Already admitted is that two per cent of the mixture is arsenic, lead and other heavy and even radioactive metal wastes.
The enquiry was well led by informed experts against fluoridation.The pro-fluoride experts stuck mainly to dental 'benefits' and some seemingly highly selective comparative statistics.Tooth benefits were argued.But the harm poisons do to the rest of the body were dismissed as having no 'acceptable' evidence.Debate was restricted to the York Review, therefore there was very little about the illegality of putting this industrial waste in our drinking water.
Or the morality. Or about people's informed consent. Or about the ecological damage.
Tamworth has a right to clear pure water.It came out that fluoride now contaminates a great deal of our food and lives, which did not happen 60 years ago.
Yet the one part per million they decided on then is still the same today – even though today we get fluoride via toothpastes, mouthwash, concentrated into cooked foods etc, adding at least another five parts fluoride per million.
But with water we have no choice. We cannot avoid it.
I assisted Cllr Chris Cooke with his petition.
It's a shame on Tamworth Council that this committee refused to let him speak. My own survey at that time revealed that 92 per cent of people asked did not want this fluoride added to our water.
I would myself be prepared to refuse to pay a proportion of my water bill and stand up in court and argue the case.The water company did not come to this Scrutiny and instead just put forward a prepared statement. It appears they did not want to be questioned.
This issue is not going to go away.Eventually, I'm convinced fluoride will be seen the same as DDT, lead in petrol and thalidomide.
Fluoridation of people's drinking water will be banned. Some countries have already done this.
It may be that when the new Localism Bill gets passed that would be the time to force a local referendum?
Ken Forest, address supplied.

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