25 Mar 2012

Tamworth - Fluoride levels on council's agenda.

Fluoride levels on council's agenda.
Friday, March 23, 2012 Tamworth Herald
THE outcome of an all-day scrutiny into fluoride levels in Tamworth's water supply is to be discussed next week.
The Tamworth Borough Council meeting at Marmion House on Tuesday, March 27 will see the matter addressed, with a report of the Chair of the Community and Wellbeing Scrutiny Committee.
Independent councillor Chris Cooke led the campaign for scrutiny into fluoride levels claiming "it's a poison and has no place in the human body, nor in our water," and the day of scrutiny was held on Monday, February 20.

Tuesday's meeting starts at 6pm.


Cllr Chris said...

Don't hold your breath!

Tamworth Councillors are not as enlightened as our colleagues in Hampshire. They have fought tooth and nail to NOT discuss this. The scrutiny itself was a farce. The evidence was limited to the York Report and two doctors and dentists. The councillors ran away from considering anything in public. Whatever decision they have come to was made in a SECRET meeting! (Seemingly against the council's own rules - but who cares!). I have no report from that scrutiny - and do not expect to see one until immediately before the meeting opens on Tuesday - or maybe not even then!!

Whatever it is they are going to bull-doze and bamboozle this through and leave themselves (I'm guessing) with no policy except a statement that water fluoridation is nothing to do with Tamworth Council.

What has to be remembered is that Tamworth has had it's water doctored with fluoride for 25 years now. There's a lot of politics and face saving involved in keeping fluoride in the water.

The message is very clear to other parts of the country. Once the fluoride is in the water DON'T expect your politicians (not even in Hampshire!) to have the guts to take it back out!

Bill said...

I hope you are wrong about the Hampshire Councils, Chris. Perhaps after a life time of drinking fluoride it really does reduce the ability to question authority.