12 Mar 2012

MOM MOMENTS: Just another breezy trip to the dentist

MOM MOMENTS: Just another breezy trip to the dentist
By Jane Ammeson Times Correspondent

Recently, my youngest had a dentist appointment. It wasn't unusual for him to be going there and it's a place he actually really enjoys going. He's been going since he was 3 — twice a year for a cleaning, fluoride treatment, complimentary toothbrush and a goody from the treasure chest. He hasn't learned to fear the dentist like some adults who have had a number of bad dentist experiences, like root canals and extractions. All he knew was flavored fluoride and a little scraping of the teeth. What's so bad about that?

But this last visit wasn't for a routine cleaning. He was there for his first filling. Actually, for his first fillings. Yes, plural. Two. I was nervous going in. I knew what was coming. He didn't......

If fluoride was so wonderful how come he has to havce 2 fillings and another one to be done later. There is something wrong with what we give kids, too much sugar and acid drinks.

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