1 Mar 2012

If you aren't already with fluoride toothpaste, fluoride mouthwash, dental fluoride varnish, Guinness (brewed in Ireland, Pure Orangejuice from USA.

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Dpoug Cross said...

Well, yes actually - about 4 years ago! See http://www.ukcaf.org/european_court_ruling_spells_an_end_to_fluoridatio.html which shows how the European court of Justice ruling on 'functional drinks' - of which fluoridated water is an example - must be licensed as medicines. All processed foods in which this water is used during preparation must also have a medicinal licence before they can be exported to any EC Member State. The Australian Macadamia farmers are extremely worried by this - they wash their product in fluoridated water before marketing it - and they don't have a medicinal licence for their nuts!