22 Mar 2012

Daily Mail letter - Cereal Killers

real Killers
WHEN I was 20, 6ft tall and weighing lOst 71b, I got hooked on sugary cereals. I ate them for every breakfast and supper for 45 years.
I loved them — I didn't realise how dangerous they were to my health. We weren't told anything in those days about the health risk of sugar. After 45 years, I had ballooned to 16st lOlb and have an incredible 250 fillings in my teeth. I developed diabetes which resulted in three heart attacks and a triple bypass and was registered blind. I lost my chauffeuring and funeral business because I couldn't cope.
My wife, to whom I had been married for 45 years, divorced me as soon as I told her that our standard of living would, collapse. Sugar is like a beautiful woman, a great danger to your bank balance.
Luckily for me I found a kind lady to look after me when I was evicted from my home.
Sugar is as lethal a killer as alcohol and cigarettes. When my doctor informed me of the costs to my health, I immediately switched to Shredded Wheat, which has nothing added, and over five years my
weight has dropped to its original lOst 71b. Since I abandoned sugary cereals, I haven't had a single filling in my teeth in ten years. Nothing else changed to reduce my weight.
Sugar should be taxed like alcohol and cigarettes to reduce the health risk. Denmark has already done this.

250 fillings?

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