29 Mar 2012

Canada - Fluoride debate

Re: Fluoride debate: Advice for city council, Star editorial, March 19.
The report submitted by the Windsor Utilities Commission a few weeks ago clarified one critical issue that council cannot ignore. Can the WUC provide clinical evidence to show fluorosilicic acid (HFS) is safe?

The report refers to the National Sanitation Foundation's regulatory statute Standard 60, which establishes minimum requirements to ensure the safety of fluoride-delivery agents. Compliance demands a toxicology review of such agents.

However, WUC general manager, John Stuart, confirmed there are no toxicology studies of HFS that he is aware of. So the answer to the question is, no. There is no evidence that demonstrates HFS is safe.

It was also confirmed at the Feb. 29 fluoridation meeting that, contrary to public claims by the Medical Officer of Health, HFS is indeed a byproduct of phosphate fertilizer production. More importantly, HFS is classified as toxic waste and is illegal to dump anywhere in the environment - unless it is funnelled into tankers for sale as a fluoride-delivery agent. This simple act results in reclassification as a commercial product but it is still hazardous, still toxic, still persistent and still bio-accumulative, even when it's diluted.

Since nearly all of this water returns to the environment - where legislation prohibits dumping of HFS in the first place - the negative impact on our ecosystem is undeniable.


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