17 Feb 2012

Sugary Breakfast Meals Need to Be Labeled

Submitted by Neeraj Shahane on Thu, 02/16/2012 - 09:04
Have you been worried about your child’s health amidst the growing concern over obesity and tooth decay? Well here is something that will leave you astonished. Recently, about 50 food products which included Nestle’s Shredded Wheat and Kellogg’s Special K were tested for sugar levels.

During the test it was found that about 32 products out of 50 were high in sugar. May be these sugary diets could be a reason behind the growing rate of obesity among kids. It has been informed that Kellogg’s Frosties, which is regarded as healthiest food by many, contains 37% of the sugar.

Looking at the findings, the consumer watchdog has asked the government to levy stricter rules to make sure that kids are not being victimized. Research group Which? has asked the government to come up with the traffic light labeling system as the current labeling system leaves parents confused and moreover it is time consuming for the parents to know as to which product is healthier for their kids.

It has been informed that the Nestle’s Shredded Wheat contains lowest quantity of the sugar and thus is one of the best breakfast food products. While defying the allegation, the Kellogg’s noted, “A huge number of studies show that consumers who eat breakfast cereals have a lower body mass index than non-consumers and are at less risk of being overweight”.

It is yet to witness as to what action government takes to tackle the menace of sugary diets. The obesity has already caused havoc. Obesity has been linked with diabetes and with other life threatening diseases. There is need to control the sugar intake of the kids so that they could be prevented from being obese.

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