3 Feb 2012

Daily Echo letters

Fluoride dangers
THE French do not add fluoride to tap water for "ethical reasons" and "medical considerations" and place a health warning on the brands of table salt which contains fluoride.
I would not consume salt with fluoride but it does make a very cheap and effective weed killer as fluoride is in the most toxic pesticides and the most toxic nerve war chemicals, like sarin.
Suffering from severe aplastic anaemia
3 destruction of the bone marrow and immune system) following exposure to toxic chemicals, diagnosed in 1986, fluoride is one toxic chemical I avoid after refusing a bone marrow transplant to make a full recovery.
Fluoride is also a chemical I avoid like the plague because I was infected with hepatitis C virus through a blood transfusion in 1986 in the UK and I believe fluoride is a chemical likely to change the virus to fatal cirrhosis or cancer of the liver. Avoiding alcohol, solvents etc and all prescribed drugs as much as possible is also essential to stop hepatitis C changing to fatal liver disease.
EDWARD PRIESTLEY, Les Granges, France. Fellow, European Medical Assoc. medicineandinnesa.com

• Mr A K Roberts (Letters, January 6) tells us that he doesn't live in the area affected by proposed water fluoridation.
In that case, I would say that we don't need to pay too much attention to him.
I clean my teeth twice a day and definitely DON'T want or need fluoride added to tap water.
Bassett, Southampton.

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