24 Feb 2012

Canada - Fluoride battle brews

Fluoride battle brews. Dr. Paul Connett, who spent 16 years studying the impact of water fluoridation, said there is mounting evidence that ingesting fluoride can cause a range of problems, including damage to the brain, kidneys, teeth, and bones. Frank Matys

ORILLIA - City councillors had a duty to attend a presentation on the potential dangers of fluoridation as Orillia considers adding the chemical to the water supply, says an opponent of the proposal.Just three of nine council members were present at a well-attended talk by Dr. Paul Connett, said organizer Susan Schweitzer.“It is very important that they would have been there, it is too important an issue not to,” said Schweitzer, a member of Orillia Citizens Against Fluoride.Seventy-five people attended the presentation by Connett at Lakehead University Friday evening, held in advance of a Feb. 29 public meeting organized by the city....

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