26 Jan 2012

Ireland - High time to flush the fluoride from our water

High time to flush the fluoride from our water
Wednesday January 25 2012
Dear Minister (CC: Editor, Drogheda Independent)
Reading through the report on water quality last week told me nothing new about our water system here in Ireland - the leaks, the amount of monies spent just to keep it going, the things people can do to conserve water in this country. It all makes for a fascinating read but it fails to mention one critical thing minister: how much do we spend on poisoning ourselves every year with fluoride?
We are one of if not the last country in the EU to stop this practice, even north of the border you can get clean drinking water. This has to stop minister ASAP.
Not only would it save people's health, it would save the exchequer money.
I myself have to travel anything up to 30km a week to get fresh drinking water and if I'm not able to do this we have to buy bottled water in our local shop because the water in the mains is not fit for human consumption. Indeed, this poison is leaking into every river and lake in Ireland.
The facts are proven about fluoride, all the studies have been done all over the world minister. The facts are too long here to lay down but if at any time you would like them I'd be only too happy to furnish you with them.
So. in closing minister, why, oh why on this green land of ours would you expect me or the tens of thousands like me pay for a poisoned water supply. It's just not going to happen.

Yours, Martin Farrell,

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