11 Jan 2012

Echo - letter

Anti-fluoride lobby will not be silenced
MR A K Roberts (Letters, January 6) has a poor opinion of anybody who is against fluoridation.
In November 2009 he wrote to the Echo claiming we were zealots. I wrote back then asking if AK Roberts was aware that his insignificant drop of fluoride can cause mottling of the teeth and that dentists charge thousands of pounds to hide with veneers? Would he like his children to suffer that because a few families do not teach their young to clean their teeth or eat sensibly? He mentions chlorine but that is there to treat the water.
It too has its dangers, it's known to cause colon cancer but if you are aware of that and there is colon cancer in your family you can either buy a simple filter, let the water stand or boil it. Fluoride is very different. Is he aware that tonnes of Hexafluorosilicic acid
contaminated with two per cent of toxic metals and trace amounts of radioactive isotopes are used to fluoridate water.
As for the Echo not publishing pro fluoridation letters perhaps they don't get many. Even some of the people connected with the PCT exposed to one-sided propaganda have expressed their support for us. There are many extremely qualified professors who are adamantly opposed to fluoridation as well as concerned citizens who attended consultation meetings.
Hampshire County Council set up a committee to thoroughly examine the evidence and they too voted against supporting the Strategic Health Authority.
I doubt if any of this will change your mind Mr Roberts but the public are waking up and more and more communities are rejecting fluoridation.

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