18 Jan 2012

Daily Echo - Help needed over question put to panel over fluoride

Help needed over question put to panel over fluoride
I WAS at the meeting when the decision to fluoridate our water supply was made.
During the meeting, a gentleman whose name I do not recall was seated on the left hand side of the table where the panel members were seated.
He was putting questions to one member of the panel regarding fluoride and I can remember that one of the questions was (or words to this effect) "Has anyone, anywhere in the world, sued the NHS for damage to their health caused by fluoridated water and
won?" The answer, hesitantly, was "Yes, but not very many".
I am not sure of this question word for word, but I am wondering if it would be possible for someone to somehow find out exactly how it was put to the member of the panel?
I should imagine that there would be a record of it somewhere. I have asked five other people who were at the meeting with me, also Anna and Stephen Peckham of Hampshire Against Fluoridation, but none of them recall this question being asked. Yet I am sure that it was.
DJ COVE (Mrs), Southampton.

If you have the time all 9 parts of the full video of when the decision was made is here

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