3 Oct 2011

Daily Echo letters

Democracy is dead if plan to fluoridate water goes ahead
THANK you councillors. Common sense prevails. Congratulations on joining the anti-fluoride campaigners and the great Echo's fluoride debate, in our struggle against mass medication, about to be enforced by the SHA via our tap water. Your U-turn vote will no doubt go down in history as a vote for democracy.
Regrettably, I fear, it will have no influence on Prime Minister Cameron who has offered his sympathy, but is supporting the SHA all the way to the tap. They are both responsible for this farce from the first public meeting, wasting thousands of pounds on a bogus public exercise programme, using the prevention of tooth decay as an excuse to implement and justify the dumping of industrial fluoride waste into our rivers.
This will save millions of pounds for the industries who now have to pay approximately £48 per ton to get rid of their poisonous byproduct. They no doubt will be in a position to charge the water authorities for their fluoride waste to put into your drinking water.
Who will pay the bill? Democracy is dead if a bunch of quangoes can decide the fate of 72 per cent of our citizens who are against their enforced medication.
If saving our children's teeth was the genuine issue two water fountains could have been installed in every school, one containing fluoride with instructions "mouth wash only, don't drink", the other containing water only - freedom of choice, democracy for children. The adult population would be fluoride free (common sense at a fraction of the cost).
We don't want fluoride or your sympathy Prime Minister. But you need our vote.

A Willott Lordswood

Offended by 'Mother knows best' diktat
I AM highly offended and exasperated to hear the SHA declare that the Southampton residents will be happy when they see the beneficial results of toxic fluoride being added to the water.
Why should we expect beneficial results when other countries have removed fluoride and even the USA after many years are finally lowering the
dose, having seen the long-term damage caused by this pollutant.
Moreover I object to being treated like a child being told that Mother knows best!
We deserve the choice!

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