1 Oct 2011


Cllr Chris Cooke said...

The link -


Notice how they fail to mention Birmingham water is fluoridated?

Another point/question may be that if 50,000 less people are seeing an NHS dentist - how many of them have been forced to go private and how many simply have given up going (like me!!).

Bill said...

Bit different in Southampton there seems to be a lot of dental practices opening for new patients. I wonder why?

Cllr Chris Cooke said...

Bill - That makes sense. They come in as NHS dentists - and then turn private, or half private, and mop up the extra work caused by fluorisis treatment etc. which cannot be treated on the NHS for adults. My own dentist went half private then started striking patients off his NHS lists if they did not have 6 monthly check-ups - perhaps hoping that the wealthier ones could be re-absorbed into the private practice if they needed treatment at a future date? At one time it was impossible to get an NHS dentist in Tamworth because so many of them had turned private.