13 Sep 2011

Link between obesity and water fluoridation

This a comment of mine (my emboldening) in the Daily Mail Online (link to article below)

It really does seem to me that a link between obesity and water fluoridation is proven by these figures and needs to be exposed.

"Notice fluoridated Tamworth and Gateshead take the two top places and with fluoridated Nuneaton & Bedworth also in the top five. It's been known for a hundred years now that fluoride has this effect on the thyroid gland causing underactivity (hypothyrodism) which leads directly to weight gain. I don't doubt other factors contribute too - for instance our food is also laced with many vaccines, pesticides, chemicals and "increased shelf life" processes that make it barely processable in the body, although that's a different matter. But 60% of the top five towns heading the fat league are all fluoridated towns - whilst only 10% of the country is fluoridated. We also already know that the West Midlands - 70% fluoridated - is the most obese region in the country. Well - I just can't help but think it points fairly strongly to something they would rather we did not notice.

- Cllr Chris Cooke, Tamworth, UK, 11/9/2011 21:16"

Link to Daily Mail


Anonymous said...

So fluoride also causes obesity as well as 100 other problems. Do you really think this list of all ailments convinces anyone.

Cllr Chris Cooke said...

"Anonymous". Are you a dental worker or something?

What else might you expect of a deadly poison?? Or are you going to tell me that fluoride isn't a poison? Which is exactly what one of our local Tamworth Councillors tried to claim recently!! I had to read him the Poisons Act!!! :-)