8 Sep 2011

Daily Echo - The people will have their say...

The people will have their say...
IN reply to Name & Address Supplied 'Not a voting subject' (Letters, August 26), in calling for a referendum I was asking other people to decide whether I took the medicine or not.
Yes, you are right, a democratic decision and freedom of choice is preferred to having my hands tied and forced to have fluoride in my cup of tea.
The citizens of Southampton have been denied that right.
I am, however, more concerned with the damage fluoride poisoning may have on the lives and health of our children and people in years to come.
Thanks to our Echo Soapbox we have been given a chance. We have shouted from the rooftops, questioned democracy, denounced the SHA, subjected them to a judicial review and questioned their intelligence.
Finally, thanks to Dr Williamson (Letters, August 20), we learn they are unable to answer his simple questions.
MPs and David Cameron, although sympathetic when contacted by Dr Williams, said they were powerless to stop the SHA. Our Prime Minister then used his powerless-powers to move the goalposts, granting the SHA another year to complete their mission.
They then, no doubt, will be retiring with a large golden handshake.
'Let the people decide', said Mr Brown, 'Yes', said Mr Cameron.
A referendum is a cry for help. Rioting on the streets is not an option for our anti-fluoride brigade and those who wish to protect their children, yet a small peanut, thrown at a window of No 10 would have been far more effective than the 10,000 signature petition handed in at the door.
So much for the Big Society. Polling day? Yes, the people WILL decide.
A WILLOTT, Lordswood, Southampton.

Labour, Tory it makes no difference they are all for it.

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