23 Sep 2011

Daily Echo - letter

We all want our water without fluoride
I WAS at the council meeting on September 14 when good common sense took place for once and our council voted against fluoridating our water supply.
But of course we still have the SHA, who seem to want to add this chemical (fluoride).
When will they understand the word NO?
Other countries are taking it out. Doesn't that tell them anything? This fluoride builds up in our body system over the years and can affect some people more than others and can cause a number of health problems.
As I said many times before, our water is for drinking and not for treating anything, and since the SHA are using the word treat,
which is what they would be doing by treating teeth, then fluoride becomes a medicine, and it is against the law to mass medicate. So I think we have all made it very clear to the SHA to leave our water alone.
I, and I know many, many other people, are very angry how such a scheme could even be thought of in the first place.
We pay for our water and when it enters our taps it becomes ours and we all want it without your chemical fluoride, thank you.
Don't you think, SHA, if you are reading this, that we have all made it very clear that we don't want it? It is as clear as clear as we want our water.

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