19 Sep 2011

Daily Echo - letter

Welcome fluoride move
I AND many others would like to thank the Daily Echo for its coverage of the Anti Fluoride Campaign. We have got the council to over turn their decision and vote against putting this substance in our water.
About two thirds were against it for various reasons.
While the war is not yet won as the Health and Social Care Bill is still going through parliament, I hope at least that more people are aware of this registered poison and all the long term damage that it can do to your body. And 30-40 per cent more children would suffer with fluorosis on their teeth.
I hope that now the thousands of readers you have will email/write to their MPs and have their say about the consultation and the fact that there is no long-term study that proves this fluoride does any good at all.
There are no scientists that really want to take on any five to ten-year study just to prove a point either way, as they know already what the outcome would be and what all the long-term side affects are.
There are more countries that are now stopping fluoride schemes this year, as there is no effective proof, versus the money spent on these schemes -which is footed by the taxpayer. NAME & ADDRESS SUPPLIED.

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