5 Sep 2011

Daily Echo letter - Just how can they do this?

Just how can they do this?
HOW have we become so apathetic as to allow a group of private individuals to put what many believe to be a poison into our water supply?
It is my understanding that the public don't want it, the councils don't want it, therefore it must be a Government decision? If so do the Government not have a duty of care to its people? And if not then what about my human rights? The right to not have a toxic substance added to my water supply.
I have heard remarks that it is progress! Well I beg to differ it is certainly not progress rather an idealism of a world without child dental problems. As most of the children affected by dental problems do not drink water and have no dental hygiene habits anyway, it rather negates that statement. It is a well documented fact that this toxin builds up in the system slowly over a period of time. ,
If this is allowed to go ahead I foresee a future when people will not even make their retirement age, this toxin will kill them before they are able to enjoy the fruits of their labours.
I am extremely angry that this is being done despite the majority of people being strongly opposed to it. What happened to 'working for you'. The next MP who knocks my door and tells me they will do whatever it takes to stop this will get my vote. MOLLIE BENNETT, Bursledon

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