15 Sep 2011

Dail Echo - Southampton City Council votes against fluoride

5:59pm Wednesday 14th September 2011

Southampton councillors have voted to oppose controversial plans to fluoridate to the city's water supplies.
By a majority of around 2-1, city councillors backed a motion opposing the addition of fluoride to tap water to fight tooth decay.
councillors agreed to use any future powers the authority may be given to prevent the implementation of a proposed fluoridation scheme by health chiefs.
Under the Government's proposed NHS reforms, councils are due to be handed powers over fluoridation schemes when strategic health authorities (SHA) are scrapped in 2013...............


Cllr Chris said...

Great news!! :-) :-)

Well fought for and well deserved too! Hope it's signal to an end to fluoridation - not just an inconvenient hiccup they will do their level best to ignore.

Anonymous said...

Don't celebrate too soon. The Tories will be making heavy losses next year and the council members will radically change by the time councillors have any say over this issue

Anonymous said...

What we need now, is a way of tracking the movements of the SCSHA (South Central Strategic Health Authority) regarding their fluoridation plans, to ensure we can challenge their plans at the first opportunity.

So how can we be aware of their next steps and plans?

If necessary, a legal fund will need to be set up, as it seems that legal methods are the only means that the SHAs understand, or at least, respond to.

If there are any lawyers out there who are sympathetic to this cause, please leave a message here.