8 Sep 2011

Councillor's reply to HAF's invitation to attend Prof Connett's meeting

Thank you for your email with regard to the campaign opposing Fluoridation and the invite to the meeting with Prof Paul Connett, unfortunately I do have a prior commitment on the 10th. I will be talking to residents in Bargate about many things including the massive benefits to children's and older peoples dental health Fluoridation will bring. Once again thank for the invite and sorry I am not able to attend.
With regards,

John Noon
Councillor for Bargate.


Anonymous said...

In preparing your talk, Councillor Noon, you might like to ponder on the inconvenient fact that recommending a product to the public with the claim that is provides 'massive' medical benefits - or indeed, any medicinal properties - is, in the absence of a medicinal marketing authorization, regarded in some legal circles as a criminal offence (Medicines Act 1968). Fluoridated water doesn't have that licence, Councillor. Enjoy your meeting!

Cllr Chris said...

I used to wonder what it was about becoming a councillor that leaves them with their head in clouds totally oblivious to the real world. So I became a councillor. Still got no idea what goes on in their heads!!

Having pushed the fluoride issue locally I can sense something almost like fear in other councillors that they should have to face the evidence.

In my latest attempt to put a YouTube video around several local authorities of a Dr Connett interview, only two responded (by email).

One, from my own (fluoridated) authority, said almost childishly that he refused to watch anything I send him. Perhaps he was still smarting from our local petition success which has now forced the Council to hold a fluoride scrutiny and get some policy?

The other from another authority saying. "You are wrong - fluoride is the best thing since sliced bread". A man of few words indeed! No logic nor argument required of course.

Such people get their political power mainly through one reason only, that people haven't a clue who they are voting for and vote for a party label (which gives exactly the same sort of weak politians no matter whichever the party). The only why to change this is to put up Independent candidates (who are against fluoride of course), and fight those councillors who seem to be the peer group leaders. Don't let them get away with it!

I fought the election this year on the anti-fluoride ticket - people will vote for you because of it. Especially (I would have thought) in Southampton right now.

The party politicians may then pretend to "take your views on board" Don't trust them! - don't believe a word they say!!!!! Get your real supporters onto the council.

Anonymous said...

Who does this bloke think he is? I find this sort of ill-informed response really scary. We ought to be suing these people so that they begin to understand the start and finish of their 'responsibilities'.