15 Aug 2011

Echo - So much for 'power to local people'

So much for 'power to local people'
AM I alone in thinking that we, the long suffering public and soon to be guinea pigs, have been wasting time and effort in the fluoride debate?
I am convinced that the outcome was already predetermined and "all roads would lead to Rome" and the government.
In September 20081 received a letter from the SHA acknowledging my response to their consultation and that all responses would be independently analysed by Bristol University and a final decision would follow in February 2009. (made of course by the SHA) No surprise at their perverse decision.
In July 2010, after writing many letters etc. to various sources, I wrote to Mrs Cameron in the vain.hope that being a mother herself and knowing the risks involved if babies were given fluoridated water, she might have a word with her husband, making him aware of local concerns.
The response from her office said she had no powers (as a private, unelected citizen) to intervene in government policy.
In June 20111 wrote to Southern Water expressing my disgust that as a private co. and knowing the legitimate concerns of their customers, they were going ahead with this unholy scheme.
They replied that under the Water Act 2003 the law required that if the SHA requested them to dose fluoride, then by law they must do so.
I then wrote to a local councillor at the Civic Centre and was informed that the SHA would be defunct in 2012 and it would be up to any new administration to "try and put matters right".
Now the government has extended the life of the SHA by 12 months. It begs the question: Why?
Has some behind the scenes deal been done with industry to enable the toxic waste hexafluorisilic acid to be disposed of via our water system?
So much for Mr Cameron's "power to local people" platitudes. Incidentally, it is interesting that some fluoride toothpastes advise that where fluoride is in the water, parents of children under six should consult a dentist before allowing them to use it!
What dangers lurk for the rest of us?
MRS M DARNELL, Southampton.

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