17 Aug 2011

Daily Echo letters

Majority's wishes are being ignored
'WATER is life, don't let it kill you'.
We as responsible parents and citizens of Southampton have a duty to protect our children and families from the fluoride which the South Central Strategic Health Authority are determined to administer to our drinking water. Despite the great fluoride Daily Echo debate and the many letters of protest, they have ignored the wishes of the majority. My son will not be part of the
experiment. I will do all that I can to protect him and future generations. I call on MPs John Denham and Alan Whitehead, and also council leader Royston Smith, to demand a referendum. For their employers -3,600 professional people - cannot be wrong in calling for an end to artificial water fluoridation. AWILLOTT, Lordswood, Southampton.

• FLUORIDE is to be introduced into our water supply for what can only be medical reasons.
The medication of adults can only be done with informed consent. We do NOT give that consent.
Why dose a whole population with a toxic substance that will perhaps benefit only a few children?
The dental health of young children is the responsibility of their parents.
H & M COX, Chandler's Ford.

• IN reply to the article in the Daily Echo, August 8 - do NOT put fluoride in our water.
Why should we be forced to drink and pay for medication we do not want?
MRS M TOWNSEND, Southampton.

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