31 Aug 2011

Daily Echo letter

Fluoride guinea pig fears
UNSURPRISINGLY Mrs Darnell (Daily Echo, 15 August) fears that fluoride deals have been done to a prearranged plan and that we are about to be made guinea pigs for its effects.
Without doubt, many think the same. It is especially disturbing since the guinea piggery has already been done in those areas which have had fluoride forced upon them for the last half-century - whose residents ought to be pressing for consideration of their own concerns and demanding the cessation of this tampering with their most vital of all supplies.
In 2000 the BMA Complete Family Health Guide claimed: 'where fluoride is added to the water to reduce tooth decay, the concentration is too low to cause fluorosis'.
That same year, the York Review identified a significant incidence of fluorosis in fluoridated areas. In 2003 the Department of Health, in its official reassurance to the public, stated that fluorosis 'may be aesthetically unacceptable but can be removed by routine dental treatment'.
That information was modified in later pronouncements, curiously omitting to mention that the treatment is costly and not available on the National Health.
Odd that the Health Service is happy to cause the problem, but not to rectify it. This year the DH resorts to the barefaced lie that fluoridation is 'without any ill effects'.
How dare the Government authorise, the health service promote, and the water industry comply with, the addition of a
chemical known to cause dental discoloration. How dare they count as trivial this indication that other effects on the body need to be investigated thoroughly. How dare they dismiss the visible effects as 'merely cosmetic', and pretend that it is of no importance. G PAYNE, Southampton

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