18 Aug 2011

Daily Echo - letter

In my view by Mrs Kinchington
Why is this being forced upon us?
SO water bosses have admitted that fluoride will not be delivered to all the areas expected under the Scheme planned for Hampshire, so it may not reach these poorer areas that the South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) are supposed to be aiming at then ('Fluoride: Children with worst teeth may not get it', Daily Echo, August 8).
It all is getting too ridiculous for words. Also the SHA apparently doesn't even know how much it is all going to cost. Why not? They have had long enough to work it out. I do know that it will be a high cost to people's health if this goes into our water.
This scheme should never go ahead and should now be scrapped completely. Our water is our lifeline and the SHA should just leave well alone. They just seem to want to push this through not given a thought about our health. All they keep saying is that it is for children's teeth and they don't
even know how they are going to get it to the children that they are supposed to be aiming it at.
Can I ask if they have anything to go into the water for stress because a lot of people are suffering from stress because of this proposed scheme, and if this does go in what else will be treated through our water supply?
Also the SHA are using the word "treating". Well, in my view when you treat something it becomes a medicine and they have no right to make us all drink this fluoride for the sake of a few children's teeth that they can't even target.
If they are concerned about children's teeth then put cod Infer oil capsules and milk back into schools. When I was a kid every morning we took a cod liver oil capsule and half a pint of milk for strong teeth and bones. My teeth and many others are still good.
This scheme is flawed in a lot of ways and if this goes ahead it will surely go down as a scandalous waste of money and a sheer waste of time and a health hazard for all of Southampton and surrounding areas.
SHA, I'm afraid you haven't done your homework on fluoride. You just seem to want it in without a care what it does to the rest of our bodies.
We deserve to be heard and treated with respect so please hear and respect our wishes.
We the public do not want your fluoride.

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