27 Aug 2011

Daily Echo - Letter - Telling the tooth about fluoride paint

Telling the tooth about fluoride paint
THE Daily Telegraph reported on August 19 that the number of children having fluoride painted on their teeth has risen by 55 per cent in a year. NHS dentists carried this out on 850,000 children in England.
It is less controversial than putting fluoride into the water supply and is targeted at individuals instead of forcing everyone to drink it in tap water. Fluoride applied to teeth is effective, unlike drinking fluoridated water. Ian
Packington, Science Adviser of the National Pure Water Association (who is highly qualified) writes that fluoride varnishes do work if they are applied correctly and reapplied as necessary. They prevent decay in molar fissures, etc, before a filling becomes necessary. Once the fluoride varnish has dried, it is effectively 'sealed in' and fluoride leakage into the saliva and into the body of the child is limited and acceptable.
This is very different to drinking water fluoridation in the UK which uses impure fluoride -hexafluorosilicic acid - from the scrubbings of phosphate fertiliser factories.
This is deliberately tipped into public water supplies of people of all ages - who have not given their informed consent.
Ian writes that researcher Dr. Robert Weaver showed clearly that drinking naturally fluoridated water does not reduce tooth decay, in his comparisons between South Shields (1.25 ppm) & North Shields/Tyneside (0.25 ppm.)
A WILLS, address supplied.

I AM writing to complain about fluoride being introduced into the water.
I like many others do not want it added to our water supply. If they do I will have a solicitor waiting to sue the council for ignoring my human rights.
Why don't they supply schoolchildren with sweets or chewing gum that have fluoride added?
I do not need it for my teeth and I certainly do not want it entering my body in any shape or form.
So beware, I will sue if you go ahead with this.

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