10 Jul 2011

Obese but good teeth in fluoridated Tamworth

Water passes hygiene test
Friday, July 08, 2011 Tamworth Herald
Follow.I WAS interested in your article in the Tamworth Herald dated June 30, 2011 page 5 in which you stated dental hygiene among children in Tamworth was said to be the best in the country. This I believe is due to the fluoridation of our water.

I was also interested in the article in a recent edition of your newspaper in which it was claimed that fluoride created mental instability, but having spoken to Professor Hawkes, a locum neurologist, and Professor Michael Lennon, I was told this is not true.

​Tamworth has more obese people than anywhere in the country, but its children have comparatively healthy teeth.
The petition which was carried out by Councillor Chis Cooke referred to the poisoning of Tamworth's water supplies.

Again, this is a wholly misinformed claim.

Furthermore, it is unthinkable that Parliament, in a free vote, would have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a law that would allow anyone to be 'poisoned', including our MP who lives in a fluoridation area.

As you stated in your editorial, 30 per cent of adults in Tamworth are obese compared with 21.4 per cent in Warwickshire.

We in Tamworth have the second-highest rate or cardio vascular disease in the county, Cannock being the highest.

As chairman of the Community/Well Being Scrutiny Committee, I feel our efforts should be directed to reducing obesity and cardio vascular disease in the community rather than discussing fluoridation of water over which my committee and I have no remit – it is the Primary Care Trust and South Staffordshire Water who dictate the amount which is in our water system.

Councillor Ken Gant

Prof Lennon chairman of the British Fluoride Society assured him fluoride was safe. That's OK then.
I wonder how many dentists per population they have? In Southampton where they are trying to bring in fluoridation we seem to be getting more and more dentists come into the city and setting up practice

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Cllr Chris Cooke said...

Readers should be aware that Cllr Gant is only saying this now because a debate has been forced on Tamworth Council next Tuesday by a petition of local residents. Until now this Tory controlled council has done its utmost to sideline and ignore the issue. The Labour opposition hasn't dared whisper a word one way nor the other. This despite intense debate in the media over the last few months. In fact if you go to the actual article now http://www.thisistamworth.co.uk/Water-passes-hygiene-test/story-12907593-detail/story.html you can see that Cllr. Gant's letter is getting panned in the comments. It does make you wonder what it is about fluoride that scares the pants of these politicians.

As for dental hygiene - NHS dentists have been very scarce in the Tamworth area. They've manipulated Tamworth's 5 year old children's teeth figures for too many years - but if you go back to 1987 - before Tamworth fluoridation took effect - there are studies (Hamden & Rock) that still show Tamworth children's teeth to be far better than neighbouring fluoridated Birmingham. They are just playing their fluoride game with duff statistics.

The obesity issue is significant though - a clear signal of low thyroid activity - exactly what would be expected from fluoride poisoning. And the obesity epidemic is not just in Tamworth but is all over the West Midlands - the fattest region in the country - and the Government's fluoridation flagship with 70% fluoridated (100% in Tamworth). But the NHS game here it make out West Midlands people eat too much and don't exercise enough. They'll never blame it on the fluoride.