22 Jul 2011

Lymington Times - Axed health body gets more time to start water fluoridation

Axed health body gets more time to start water fluoridation
CAMPAIGNERS against fluoride being added to Totton's water supply have been dealt another blow after the health body in charge was given extra time to implement the scheme, despite it being axed by the government.
The South Central Strategic Health Authority (SHA) gave its approval for the chemical to be added to Southampton's supply in 2009 after the local primary care trust said it was needed to combat child tooth decay.
The plan affects 190,000 people around the city, including 8,000 Totton residents because of the layout of the pipes.
A two-day legal challenge to the scheme was heard in the High Court earlier this year, but a final appeal for
a judicial review was rejected by the judge.
Anti-fluoride campaigners were left hoping that government plans to scrap regional health bodies next spring would mean the SHA could not get the framework in place before it lost its powers.
As part of government reforms of the NHS, powers over fluoride had been due to be handed to elected councils as part of the changes, leading to calls for the SHA to scrap its plans, and leaving uncertainty over whether fluoride could be stopped if it was already in place. But the government has now revised its proposals, giving SHAs a reprieve until spring 2013.
Chair of campaign group Hampshire Against Fluoridation (HAP),
Stephen Peckham, told the 'A&T': "The SHA is hell-bent on pushing it through. It is an enormous waste of money on a scheme that is not wanted by local people or the councils.
"Levels of tooth decay have actually reduced in the city so the scheme is wrong. The SHA could still stop fluoridation if it wanted to."
Southampton councillors are set to debate fluoride in September after HAF forced the subject onto the agenda through a public petition calling for the authority to say it rejects the plans.
Mr Peckham added: "We would like the council to be clear that water fluoridation should not go ahead and take steps to reverse the SHA's decision."
A spokeswoman for the SHA confirmed to the 'A&T' the supply would be fluoridated in 2013, although it did not yet have a specific implementation date.
She added: "The board remains confident that water fluoridation is a safe and effective way to improve dental health.
"We are still working on the timetable [and] we are in discussions with Southern Water on developing an implementation plan which will specify the required stages, the exact times of which are still to be determined."
Before the SHA unanimously backed the scheme, 72% of the 10,000 respondents to a public consultation said they opposed fluoride.

Latest from SCSHA - timetable for water now 2013 and they promise to address all our questions 6 months beforehand.

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Dan Smithy said...

I am horrified they are going ahead with this. 72% said no and still they go ahead. Its pretty much general knowledge the benefit to teeth comes from topical application to the surfaces of teeth and not from ingestion. I live in the South in Brighton and can see them picking of areas down here one by one because it's easier. We have no hope if so many were against it. Please get in touch with Avaaz. People power is the only way and they have lots of success.