8 Jul 2011

Daily Echo letter

Stop this scandal of enforced fluoride
I AM writing yet again about the fluoride debate.
The SHA say that they went by the law when they made the decision to want to put fluoride into our drinking water. But isn't there a law that says things should not be forced upon us?
If our water does get fluoridated it will be one of the most scandalous things to go ahead. We have had more than enough people against this scheme and most don't want fluoride in their water. It seems that the SHA can do what they like regardless of strong opposition from the public.
Can the SHA answer this: if other countries are taking fluoride out because of health concerns then why are they not taking any notice of those concerns?
I also agree with the letter from Steve Matthews (Echo July 2), when he states that fluoride cannot be dumped at sea yet it might end up in Southampton Water, and if he were to dump just one drum per day off dockhead he would be arrested and charged with poisoning our water.
Yes he would be arrested, yet the SHA will probably get away with it. Is that democratic?
It is all scandalous and undemocratic for the public not to have been listened to. If we don't want it then it shouldn't ever go in.

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