6 Jul 2011

Daily Echo letter

Actions speak louder than words
I WAS very pleased to read the assurances from Olga Senior (Daily Echo, Letters, June 25) that the SHA would not be "arrogant enough to insult the intelligence of more than 10,000 individuals, who contributed to the fluoride consultation".
For they have already done just that when they dismissed the great wisdom of the people by overruling public opinion with their "we know best" attitude.
It is time now to put this renewed pledge into action by honouring the result of the public consultation in which the local population overwhelming rejected fluoridation.
When that day comes I shall hold out the olive branch to the SHA with my heartfelt and sincere apologies for having misconstrued their empathy as arrogance.
Until such time when we are no longer faced with the threat of poison on tap I remain convinced that their words and actions betray their extreme arrogance and lack of empathy with the people.

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