18 Jul 2011

Daily Echo - In my view

Alan Kebbell, of Ventnor Court, Southampton
'Hangovers' linked to the water
AT the age of 60 years, I became quite ill after a short stay in Birmingham. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease.
At the time because another family member had been coeliac since soon after birth I accepted this diagnosis without question, although I did wonder how I had managed a rather strenuous lifestyle without the need for a special diet before.
Quite recently I attended a lecture at Southampton Solent : University where I learned that the drinking water in Birmingham had been fluoridated for a few years. This got me thinking about the coeliac diagnosis on my return from Birmingham and my suddenly starting to get "hangovers" in about 1970 from drinking just one pint of my favourite tipple, Newcastle Brown.
My father who also used to drink Newcastle Brown stopped drinking it at about the same time although he never said why. I have now learned that the drinking water in the Newcastle area has been fluoridated since 1968, so a correlation seems obvious to anyone not blinded by the SHA's overriding wish to mass medicate.
I have also noticed that some cans of beer produce similar results to the problem I used to have with Newcastle Brown, with the recent addition of a pain in both kidneys, and have learned to look at the label to ensure they are not brewed in the West Midlands.
Unfortunately the problem now appears to have moved away from alcoholic beverages to soft drinks as I recently bought some Tesco Value sugar-free cola.
I was amazed to wake next morning with a king sized "hangover" and wondered where the cola is bottled. Tesco declined to tell me so I can be reasonably sure it is produced in the West Midlands.
I remember being quite ill during an exercise in the Otterburn training area when I was a paratrooper and I suspect that the illness in 1974 was also due to fluoridated water.
I have asked my doctor to have a biopsy to confirm or dispel my suspicions, but he seems to think that would not be possible.
I would, therefore, suggest to any person diagnosed with coeliac late in life that they watch what they drink and get ready to sue the SHA should fluoridation make them ill.


Carol Scarborough said...

Alan you can see how fluoride destroys the microvilli in the small intestine in Dr Bruce Spittle's well researched book "Fluoride Fatigue", that documents the many health issues arising from water fluoridation. It can be downloaded free from pauapress.com. I also have coeliac disease so you are welcome to contact me through HAF if you are reading this blog.

Joy Warren said...

Too many assumptions, I'm afraid!

However, Otterburn is in NE19 which, according to Barry Groves, is partially fluoridated. And Mr Kebbell was partial to Newcastle Brown which may have contained more than 0.1ppm fluoride in 1974. (Newcastle Brown only contains 0.1ppm today). So he may have been overdosing on fluoride

Diet Coke contains aspartame which converts to formaldehyde in the body. Aspartate is something which is undesirable in the brain in quantity since it's an excitotoxin.

So there may be something in this and Mr Kebbell should be advised to lay off the Diet Coke and drink only bottled water in future. For a list of bottled waters and their fluoride content, go to

Carol Scarborough said...

Yes there are too many assumptions Joy and that is what I would like to discuss with Alan. All commercially brewed beers contain gluten, which is more likely to have triggered his illness than the fluoridated water used in the brewing process, or his short stay in Birmingham. However, due to the permeability of the gut wall in coeliac disease, the immune system can become very sensitive to toxic chemicals in food and water. Regular exposure to fluoridated water is likely to cause further damage to the microvilli to exacerbate an existing condition, so Mr Kebbell is right to advise caution. Bottled water may not be an option for much longer now that Danone and other companies are adding fluoride to their product, and there are calls for all bottled water to be fluoridated.

Anonymous said...

If you want people to believe that fluoride is dangerous you will have to do better than reprint this terrible In My View column.

This was the worst In My View I have ever seen in the Echo. Anti fluoride campaigners have reduced themselves to peddling any old rubbish dreamt up to put their case.

I had a headache so it must be fluoride is not a convincing argument. You must see how extremist and scaremongering you are now looking to the general public if this is the kind of rubbish you are reduced to.

Bill said...

The Echo prints comments sent in and cannot know if something is correct or not. I'm only reporting what they printed. It isn't coming from HAF and I suggest anybody interested in knowing the truth about fluoridation investigate it themselves. At least it stirred up some interest. But what about many of the articles and videos that come from genuine knowledgeable sources do you ever write in then to say if this is true why are we even considering fluoridation? You obviously believe in fluoridation and think that one person's misinformed subjective opinion is proof that you are right.

Anonymous said...

So the answer to my question is yes you will put any old nonsense on your website if it is anti fluoride and stirs up some interest.

Bill said...

No, I put what was published in the Echo and it gave you the chance to point out its inaccuracies.

Anonymous said...

I thought that since your website is called Hampshire Against Fluoridation you would print articles which can be looked at and verified, but I was misinformed.

Obviously your website is for any story which appears which is anti fluoride however misinformed.If I want to find out about the arguments against fluoridation then I will have to look elsewhere.

If someone sends a letter into the Echo saying fluoride causes you to grow a second head then it would then appear on this website and then it would be up to me to argue against it.

Bill said...

I do print articles from Olga and co from the SHA that are far from true without comment. Anyway I don't think the Echo would print that letter you mention but can I recommend www.fluoridealert.org/
as a very good web site for a full scientific coverage of fluoridation.

Have a nice day.

Carol Scarborough said...

We are very fortunate to have such a wonderful community newspaper that is prepared to print all points of view without bias. Mr Kebbell's fears for his health are very real to him, and he deserves sympathy, however unfounded some of them may be. Presumably a good In My View would be one that agrees with your opinions Anonymous, so why not submit your views on fluoridation to The Echo for publication and comment?