13 Jun 2011

Daily Echo - What happened to freedom of choice?

SO the British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry (BASCD) is backing the move to add fluoride to our water. I can remember years ago my dentist telling me not to swallow my fluoride toothpaste.
What worries me is that this country is supposed to be democratic. Where is the democracy in the decision of a few privileged people to mass medicate a population against their will?
If the fluoride scheme goes ahead against the majority's wishes it will set a precedent for the future. Democracy, what democracy? It seems more like a dictatorship for a few people to take away my right to say no. Why doesn't this Government intervene and stop this process going ahead?
The source of funds to the NHS is from the taxpayer, which is being used for needless High Court actions instead of
being put into patients' care.
I have sympathy for the children who have extremely decayed teeth, but there are many ways to target these children with fluoride products and also educate their parents about the acidity in fruit juice/cordial drinks and the sugar content in sweets etc.
It seems that expenses are not the only problem for politicians but also our basic right to the freedom of choice.

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