24 Jun 2011

Daily Echo - SHA not 'arrogant' over fluoride debate

SHA not 'arrogant' over fluoride debate
I WAS disappointed to read the letter in the Daily Echo headed SHA Arrogance on Fluoride (Letters, June 11), in which Ms Scarborough asserts that the SHA "stated that the result of the public consultation on fluoridation was overruled because the public is too ignorant to hold a valid opinion."
Ms Scarborough further states that this "preposterous notion was openly revealed" in my letter published nearly two years ago in the Echo (July 27 2009), where she claims that I have suggested "that the public does not understand the complex health issues" (regarding fluoridation).
I made no such claim. Neither would the SHA be arrogant enough to insult the intelligence of more than 10,000 individuals who contributed to the fluoride consultation.
The purpose of my letter was to clarify the SHA's position, and highlight the considerable amount of information relating to fluoride which is available from a variety of sources, and which presents a sizable
challenge when evaluating either side of the fluoride argument.
This is empathy not arrogance; demonstrating an understanding of the difficulty we all face when evaluating complex scientific information, and especially so when considering important issues such as delivering improved dental health outcomes for the children of Southampton and south west Hampshire.
OLGA SENIOR, director of communications and corporate affairs, South Central Strategic Health Authority.

She may not have actually said we are too ignorant to evaluate the facts but they certainly are arrogant with their we know best what is good for you.

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