16 Jun 2011

Daily Echo - Send fluoride questions to health authority

Send fluoride questions to health authority
I AM writing to respond to G Payne (Letters, June 4).
The letter states: "Mrs Kinchington does well to draw attention to the irresponsible attitude of Southern Water in regard to fluoridation - a scheme with which they are willing to comply without protest."
G Payne also states that "Southern Water have made it clear that we do not know the effects of fluoride on the human body when bathing, nor the concentrations absorbed when cooking." G Payne encourages readers to write to us.
First, the decision to add fluoride to water in some areas of Southampton was made by the strategic health authority (SHA). Once this proposal was made, Southern Water's only role was to comment on the operational and engineering aspects.
Southern Water cannot take a medical or ethical view on the subject. We have directed all customers to the SHA to answer their questions if they have any concerns.
Second, under the Water Act 2003, if requested by a strategic health authority to add fluoride, then by law we must add fluoride to the water supplies for the areas requested.
When the SHA announced the proposal, it launched a consultation process and we encouraged all our customers to take part and make their views known.
Customers who have any questions about fluoride should direct them to the SHA for the reasons above.
Water Quality and Strategy Manager Southern Water

AKA Pontius Pilate

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Cllr Chris Cooke said...

Only following orders then Mr Gough?