11 Jun 2011

Daily Echo letter

SHA arrogance on fluoride
THE SHA has stated that the result of the public consultation on fluoridation was overruled because the public is too ignorant to hold a valid opinion.
This preposterous notion was openly revealed in a letter to the Echo (In My View. July 27, 2009) by its representative Olga Senior, who suggested that the public does not understand the complex health issues.
The most valuable lesson I have learned in life is that knowledge is very humbling; the more I learn, the more 1 realise how little I know.
Arrogance is a manifestation of ignorance. Perhaps if the SHA were to detach themselves from their inflated egos, they would address the disturbing gaps in their education to rectify their woeful knowledge on health matters.
It is, after all, plainly self evident that ingesting a hazardous waste chemical (hexafluorasilicic acid) over a lifetime can confer no health benefits whatsoever, but the bioaccumulative toxic load will almost certainly lay the foundation for debilitating degenerative disease.
Perhaps they would reflect too that the role of water in the body is to hydrate the cells, a process essential to life, and only pure unadulterated H20 can perform the function that Mother Nature intended to maintain optimum health.
Water is the lifeblood of the planet, our most precious resource that sustains all life on earth should be treated with the utmost respect and gratitude, not used as a toxic waste dump for corporate interests or a conduit to deliver mass medication to vulnerable populations.
The SHA should, then, be humbled to concede that the community they are about to poison rejected fluoridation with good reason.
Shirley, Southampton.

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