8 Jun 2011

Daily Echo letter

French have a choice
A FEW observations on water fluoridation, which is currently an issue in the Southampton area of the UK
The fluoride added to tap water is industrial waste which is expensive to dispose of safely.
The French do not add fluoride to tap water for "ethical reasons and medical considerations" but fluoride is added to some brands of table salt, giving us a choice whether we are medicated or not, unlike when it is added to tap water.
The salt packets with fluoride give a health warning not to consume at above half the one part per million level the UK & USA governments say is safe.
The USA has said recently it might reduce this safe level.
A warning is on toothpaste containing fluoride in the USA to use only small amounts.
Worldwide only a few, mostly English-speaking countries, add fluoride to tap water and those with least tooth decay have rejected the practice or given it up after it did not reduce tooth decay.
EDWARD PRIESTLEY, Gajoubert, France.

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