4 Jun 2011

Daily Echo letter - Tell supplier you object

Tell supplier you object
MRS Kinchington (Letters, May 28) does well to draw attention to the irresponsible attitude of Southern Water in regard to fluoridation - a scheme with which they are willing to comply without protest.
In the course of correspondence putting specific questions to them, Southern Water have made it clear that in fact they do not know the effects of fluoride on the human body when bathing, nor the concentrations absorbed by food when cooking.
They confess that the general public has no way of measuring the quantity in the water and they flatly refuse to consider compensating their customers who will have no option but to pay for a supply of reduced quality.
I suggest that all customers who object to fluoridation write directly to Southern Water and tell them so. It may be that someone in their office will understand why people are concerned.
G PAYNE, Southampton.

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