17 Jun 2011

Daily Echo - Fluoride in months

As last legal challenge fails in High Court, health bosses vow to quickly press ahead with controversial plans.....................

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Cllr Chris Cooke, Fluoridated Tamworth. said...

Fluoride in "several" months? It took South Staffs Water over 4 years (!!) from it's 1982 signed "agreement" - the water was not fluoridated until January 1987 - yet they still have the gall to describe themselves as a pre-1985 Act agreement (somehow I think not) and therefore absolved, they would claim, from being subject to fluoridation schemes started after the 1985 Act.

Anyway, for Southampton, isn't there still a pending court action from Eling & Totton Council? That should delay it some more - perhaps until these Area Health facists get closed down?