19 Jun 2011

Alaska - Fairbanks - fluoride gone

FLUORIDE GONE: The last of the fluoride added to the Golden Heart Utilities system should be out of the system by now, the utility says. The fluoride hopper was empty as of Wednesday and it probably took a couple of days before the water no longer contained the additive.
With the removal of fluoride, the “pH” level of the water will increase somewhat, just slightly above the recommended levels suggested by the federal government. The normal range is 6.5 to 8.5, but the pH is expected to be about 8.55 without added fluoride, she said.
That means the water would be slightly more alkaline than recommended. The pH standard is not a requirement.
Tiffany Van Horn, director of administration for Golden Heart, said the company does not expect that consumers will notice any change in the water as the pH will be barely above the recommended range. The company is not required to make any changes to reduce the pH level, but it will wait and see before deciding if additional processing is needed.

From NaturalNews.com
You can read the full Fluoride Task Force report, which is full of credible, scientific evidence against the use of fluoride in water supplies, here:
Fluoride Task Force report

Based on the recommendations of the group, Fairbanks Mayor Jerry Cleworth introduced Ordinance 5849, which outlaws the addition of fluoride to the city's water supply system. After more than an hour of public testimony and deliberation at a recent hearing, which was mostly against the use of fluoride, the Fairbanks City Council voted 5-1 to end water fluoridation beginning on July 1, 2011.

"There is no way to control how much (fluoride) a person drinks," said Fairbanks resident Coert Olmsted at the meeting. He also cited credible information about how consuming fluoride internally, rather than having it applied topically, is highly toxic to the body.

This incredible health freedom victory in Fairbanks represents a model by which residents of other cities and towns that fluoridate their water can help end it as well. You can do your part by forwarding the Fairbanks Fluoride Task Force report to your own city councils, and urging them to read and consider it. You can also propose that they set up independent task forces of their own to investigate fluoride, which if done honestly will come to the same or similar conclusions about the dangers of fluoride.

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