12 May 2011

Daily Echo Letters

Not the answer
I READ A C Davidson's letter 'Keep tap water pure' (Daily Echo, April 22) and I agree that buying bottled water would not be a good answer if Southampton's tap water is fluoridated.
Bottled water would be expensive as you would need to buy large quantities of it. This is because to avoid fluoride you would need to cook vegetables and everything else with bottled water j too. You cannot boil fluoride away as the fluoride just becomes stronger and more concentrated as the steam evaporates off. Bottled water also produces masses of Plastic waste which is not good for the environment. A C Davidson also mentions that we may receive fluoride from bath water. There was a study by George Glasser, published in The Ecologist; saying that people absorb fluoride through their skin when they bath or shower in fluoridated water. This is not as strange as it sounds as medication is often applied on the skin by skin patches.
I agree with your 'In my View' writer Carol Scarborough (Letters April 26), that health authorities should have a duty to honour the Hippocratic Oath of "First do no harm".
A WILLS, Ruislip. Middx.

• SOUTHERN Water's plan to add fluoride to our water supply is an expensive option and not a properly thought out plan. Fluoride added to our drinking water is not the answer to stopping dental decay. Most proprietary brands of toothpaste and mouthwashes contain sufficient fluoride to combat dental decay and adding fluoride to our water supply is totally unnecessary.
The answer is to educate and promote better oral hygiene by regular brushing of teeth with fluoride infused toothpaste and a suitable mouth wash and not to drink tooth decaying fizzy drinks.
Southern Water should concentrate their efforts on supplying clean safe drinking water to every household and not adding fluoride to camouflage what is already poor quality water as at present. My water filter jug shows self evidence of contaminated water taken from our water supply!

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