10 May 2011

Daily Echo - letter

Brushing your teeth is a viable alternative
Although I have written more letters than most people, expressing my opposition to fluoridation, there are several people I respect who say that in many cases fluoridation is beneficial without any side effects.
However, a lot of people could also say that the same about brushing one's teeth with fluoride toothpaste, which is in my view a viable alternative to fluoridation, flu jabs - which is something I would personally only want to have as a last resort - and drinking milk, which was one of my worst experiences at infant school.
I also fail to see that in cases where people have different chemicals in their body, as a result of being on different forms of medication, that the fluoride will in the majority of cases react favourably with the other chemicals.
People in favour of fluoridation often refer to what has happened in Birmingham, but fluoridation was introduced there in June 1964, when the resources available to dentists are very different to what they are today.

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