28 May 2011

Daily Echo - It is your responsibility Southern Water

It is your responsibility Southern Water
I AM writing about the fluoride debate. I have phoned the water company that is Southern Water many times to say that they are responsible for keeping our water as pure as possible for it to be safe to drink.
If they allow this toxic fluoride to be added to our water supply then as far as many people are concerned they are not doing their job properly.
If this fluoride is supposed to be harmless like the SHA seem to think it is, then why has the water board made sure that they have an indemnity in place to protect themselves from any ill effects that this fluoride will have on us?
I think it just goes to prove doesn't it that when we have the water board shirking responsibility and having to have safety equipment put in place in case of overdose then how can this fluoride be safe?
The only way we can be safe is to leave our water alone. Southern Water keeps saying that if it doesn't do what it's told by the SHA it will probably lose its licence, but the SHA is supposed to be going next year anyway.
How can it take its licence away as who will supply us with water then?
Nobody can stop the water, it would be inhuman. So why is Southern Water so scared of refusing this toxic waste in the first place?
It annoys me when Southern Water keep on telling me to talk to the SHA about this as it says it has nothing to do with the water board, well Southern Water is completely wrong. It has everything to do with them.
We, the customer, pay Southern Water, the supplier, to do its job and that is to keep our water fit to drink.
We don't pay them to add a chemical to supposedly treat children's teeth. We, the customer, have made it quite clear that we don't want it, so as the SHA don't seem to be listening then Southern Water must.
They should stand with the people of Southampton and surrounding areas to say NO to the SHA.
Just remember Southern Water we are the paying customer, you are the supplier of water fit for us to drink and that doesn't include fluoride.
MRS KINCHINGTON, address supplied.

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