7 May 2011

Daily Echo - All ages against fluoride

All ages against fluoride
I KNOW this is one of many letters you will have received regarding the forced fluoridation in our water. I am totally against this as are my 22-year-old daughter and 85-year-old mother.
It was actually my mother who has asked me to write - she' has all her own teeth, few fillings and has brushed them twice a day as do most people. She's eaten sweets etc, but always looked after her teeth.
The children to whom the fluoride is aimed at probably don't always brush their teeth - having not being taught correct dental hygiene, and probably don't even drink water let alone tap water! So a pointless exercise to be forced upon us and with so much objection from the people of Southampton.
What will happen when this takes place and we don't want to drink, cook etc in the water poisoned by fluoride? Buying bottled water is not an option.
L O'Toole, Southampton.

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Trooper Thompson said...

Keep up the fight!